Yards begins...

...where the most exciting football games end. It is sudden-death overtime, and the first team to score wins. The game is played in drives: teams take turns driving the ball towards opposite ends of the field until one side claims victory.

Formation cards assist teams in their drive for glory by letting players apply them to any matching pieces on the field – but watch out! Formation cards may be blocked by a clever opponent, leaving you to fall back on another plan.

It's sudden-death, so a touchdown, safety or field goal will win the day!

Box Contents

  • 1 Football stadium

  • 8 Home pieces

  • 8 Away pieces

  • 1 Ball carrier

  • 2 Line markers

  • 1 Deck of 36 formation cards

  • 1 Deck of 12 field goal cards

  • 1 Fully illustrated rule book


  • 2-4 Players

  • Game time 30 minutes

  • Ages 12+

  • Easy to learn

  • Endless formations to play

  • Fun game of both strategy and tactics